favourite tv shows and lovely breakfast

I am a really sad blogger!

no my peanutbutter jar ist not empty...yet. It is a problem of different matter that keeps me from being completely happy. Let me explain first. I am a person who loves her routines and especially now that I have plenty of time for myself ( I still have 2 weeks to go before I move to France and have nothing to do expect organizing some stuff and keeping care of myself) I have a special morning routine that is highly in danger now!

I start my day early at 7 am. Spend the first half an hour or so checking emails and blogs on the internet befor I enjoy a lovely breakfast that usually looks like this:


In this this case it was a delicious musli blowl with apple and banana along with almond butte´r and rapsberry jam! yum! breakfast, check!

After breakfast I need at least 2 hours to digest before my gym routine can begin so I usually enjoy one episode of my favourite tv-show, which is lately Breaking Bad.

And here is where the drama begins. I finished the last episode of season 3 and therefore have non left, which puts a huge whole into my morning routine, that I am not sure how to fill!! You see major drama happening! So for tomorrow I have to find something new to replace it! But gees this show is good, I really enjoyed watching it and I can't wait until the next season comes out, which should be pretty soon!

Ah well I guess I just have to hit the Gym earlier today and then do some research for a replacement leter in the day! Or do you guys have an suggestions for a new favourite TV-show?

But it is funny how much safer I feel if I can just stick to my routine. I think it is still something that is left from my old control freak times in which I literally freaked out when something happened which did`n't fit my plan! But I think I am becoming better and better in coping with little changes, because in the end life never runs according the plan and that's what makes it so interesting!!

Do you have a certain routine in the morning or for the day? What's your favourite TV-show?

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