Hey there blogworld!

I am Johanna, a  20-year old German girl, who lives in the South of France for half a year! I love cooking and eating nutrious food, running and other kinds of exercise, photography and travelling!


After 4 years of fighting an ED, with stages of obsessive restriction and binges, I am finally at a stage where I can say that I found a balance between food and workout. My diet is mostly vegan, but I am currently living with my lovely hostfamily (I am an au-pair and have the great pleasure to look after two beautiful girls of the ages 5 and 6) I occasionally have meat. My favourite foods include: beans, chickpeas and lentils, avocado, haikiko pumpkin, whole grains, nutbutters, dates, dark chocolate and lots of fruit and veggies. But in general I think everything that makes you feel good is good for you!
I try to workout 6 times a week, not because I think I have to but because I know it makes me feel better. Running makes me feel alive. Strength training makes me feel strong. And yoga makes me feel balanced. But my current and just rencently met love is running! My goal is to run the 20 km-race in Marseille on April the 17th and am currently training for it!
there is nothing in the world that makes me happier than travelling (yes not even peanutbutter chocolate cups!) I was basically all around Europe, Australia for a few times, the US and Mexico and Asia. But there is plenty more to see!

any questions or feel like chatting? feel free to contact me!